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Faluda Kulfi

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Faluda Kulfi

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faluda kulfi is a dessert which finds a place at every Indian buffet counter. They are ideal for summers as they are colling as well as delicious.but the combo of kulfi with faluda is to take these desserts to another level.

What is most exposed to the cold weather Thandai and shake in the summer season is the Kulfi Not for only children but also adults get water in their mouth. So today we are sharing the Faluda Kulfi Recipe…


For Faluda:-

  • Corn Flour- 400g,
  • Yellow color- 2-3 drops,
  • water

for Kulfi-

  • Milk- 400ml
  • Sugar -500ml 100gm,
  • Small Cardamom Powder -1 Pinch,
  • Pistachio Pistachios – 20 grams ( Crushed)
  • Cashew- 20 grams (chopped),
  • Saffron -1 pinch,

How To Prepare Faluda Kulfi:-

For Faluda:

  1. To make the Faluda, Heat a pan first add water, cornflour and yellow color in the pan and mix it well and cook on a medium flame stirring continuously.
  2. Take down the mix when thickened and put it in Faluda Press.
  3. Place the press on the pot filled with cold water and make the edge without making the edge.
  4. Then remove them and put them in the fridge.

For Kulfi:

  1. Saffron in a spoonful of water.add ghee to the pan and heat it. When ghee is mixed, add milk and yellow color to it.
  2. Cook the milk on medium flame and keep stirring constantly. When the milk is 1/4, add sugar to it.
  3. Keep the milk running until sugars are dissolved. Then put the rest of the ingredients in it and remove it from the flame.
  4. When milk is cooled, fill it in the Kalfi molds and keep it in the fridge.
  5. After 2-3 hours, remove the mold from the fridge and immerse them in hot water for some time.
This will leave the Kulfi molds. Now take the kulfi in the plate and put the Faluda and present it.
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