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Petha Recipe

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Petha Recipe

  • Sweet
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Ingredients for petha:-

  • Petha fruit_Gourds or white pumpkin – 01kg,
  • Sugar-Sugar -750g,
  • Kewada Essence_ Kewda Essence -1/2 Tablespoon,
  • Alum -1 / 4 teaspoon,
  • Saffron or Sweet color – Saffron or Sweet color – 3-4 drops


How To Make Peth:-

  1.  first, peel the pumpkin and remove the soft part of its seed and its surroundings. Cut the fruit into small pieces and apply them well with forks.
  2. Now take a lot of water in a vessel, in which the pieces of Petha can be immersed. Put the alum in water and mix it. After that, put the chopped pieces of Peth into that solution and keep it covered for two hours.
  3. After two hours take out the pieces of Petha with water and wash it well with clean water. After that, heat the potatoes in a vessel and heat it with water.
  4. When these water starts running, put pieces of Petha in it. In 5-6 minutes the color of Petha fragments will change. Now close the gas and remove the pieces of Petha from the water.
  5. Put petha and sugar in a large pot and cook on a low flame. In a while, water from Petha will take out the water, causing sugars to dissolve. After the sugar melts, add the food color to it and cook petha on medium flame.
  6. In a while, the pulp of the sugar syrup and the paste will be very thick. Now turn off the gas and keep Petha for 5-6 hours. This will dry the remaining syrup in the Petha and the great lush petha will be ready.
  7. Now the method of making Petha is complete. After six hours, remove the Petha from the vessel and sprinkle kewra water on it and cut to the desired size. If Petha is lusher, keep it on a lattice and keep it four or five hours under the fan.
  8. This will enable Agra’s Petha to be ready to eat Agra Ka Petha and keep it in the fridge for a long time.

Cool And Serve

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